I was browsing Etsy again today and realised I was on yet another rabbit hole of oddities and curiosities! I've been a huge fan of anything weird, bizarre, and odd so it was natural that Etsy would recommend me items along those lines - and boy was it a nice list! Here are some of my finds (that I may or may not purchase for myself, haha):

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Human Spine Under a Dome

While I'm not sure about what would make me buy this piece, it's certainly going to be a conversation starter. I mean, wouldn't you have a bunch of questions for someone whose home you got invited to and this was on full display?

Can of Teeth (CAN IT)

Honestly, I'd just buy this for the laughs. It's not useful at all but it does add character to any space.

Xenomorph Alien Embryo

Now this, I dig. I love cute things and this one is super adorable! I know it's meant to be this alien entity that will eventually take over your body but it's cute as hell as a baby. This would perfect on a desk while you work or study and the perfect companion to rant to when things get stressful. At least, that's what I would do.

Ear Earrings

Literally. Literally. The moment I saw this I was like, "I gotta have it!" Not only is it "punny" but it's also well-made based on the photos AND it'll surely make heads turn when you wear them. Just look at them!

Cute Baby Octopus in a Jar

If you're not fond of wet, slimy things, scroll down FAST. This next item guarantees to add a creepy mad-scientist vibe to your area. This doesn't fit the current aesthetic of my desk but there are some drawers and cabinets this would feel right at home in...

Coffin with Real Bat Taxidermy

I'm not a fan of Taxidermy. I'd rather let my pets physically and spiritually rest than stuff them up to keep them close. Of course, others find comfort in this and I don't judge anyone who subscribe to this hobby or interest. 

This one though... I felt something when I saw it. It felt like the little creature is suspended in time, trapped forever in a coffin in the same state when they died. I can't describe it 1:1 but it... gave me a sort of comfort.

There's so much more to discover on Etsy and I've only just scratched the most popular ones. With so many creators that make delightful little trinkets and oddities, there's always something for everyone. It's only a matter of finding which one piques your interest!

Have you had any findings of your own on Etsy (or on the internet in general)? Comment them below! I'd love to find more of these.

Until the next post!

Ciao, bellas!