Before I become pretentious with my "new" goals for 2022, I just need to confess that last year's goals were a sham and that this year's goals will be identical to last year's, albeit with a few additions.
That being said, I'm just glad to have 2021 done and dusted. Horrible events happened personally last year and though I will never forget my mum (her memories and wisdom will always be in my heart and mind), I want to move past the hurt of her death & continue living with her memories. (I love you mum.)

Now I also resolved with my bestie that we weren't going to have our video call on setting yearly goals and that we were just going to go with the flow, but the OCD-neat-freak-need-to-get-organised woman in me is screaming to be heard. 

So here we go again with the goals (that might not even get checked off the list at the end of the year).

1. Save as much as I am able to.

Last year, I came up with an exact amount, and that put so much stress and pressure on me. There were plenty of emergency purchases and by the end of March, I was done. I became overwhelmed and threw it out the window. To prevent that from happening, I'm no longer setting a specific amount. This may or may not work for me, but I have to try the alternative.

2. Create music whenever I feel like it.

Last year's music goal felt like such a heavy burden. I started 2021 with a schedule of how many songs to write for Valentine's and random dates throughout the year, and I guess that's why it began to feel like a chore, something that just needed to be done for the sake of fulfilling my goals. This time around, I'll be kinder to myself and just do whatever, whenever I want. As long as I'm satisfied with what I create, I'll be okay.

3. Have fun with Youtube content.

If it still isn't obvious, this year's goals have turned from a hard list to a bunch of "to do's" that depend on my mood or how I feel at any given time. With Youtube, I don't want to be burdened by having to upload all the time or have a schedule (although it's good to be consistent). I want to take it slow and chill now, focusing on what I want to create regardless of whether or not it's the "in" thing.

4. Keep pushing my podcast until it happens.

My "better you" podcast has been a year in progress now and each time I feel like I'm ready to publish, I stop and decide that I could do better and scratch the whole recording. This year, I'm not pressured to publish another big commitment, especially now that I want to do video alongside the audio version. If it happens this year, awesome! If I happen to keep redoing it because of my OCD and end up with nothing, that's okay too. 

5. Eat healthier & exercise more consistently.

My fasting journey ended in the middle of last year as the stress began setting in more, so I just threw the 6 months away and pigged out. As expected, my weight bounced back and I am now where I was at the start of 2021. My exercise routine also stopped abruptly (used to dance a lot) so in 2022, I just want to be more consistent with my schedule and just have fun. The same goes with food. Making better choices and decreasing portion sizes. We'll get there eventually.

...and now, for the additional goals...

6. Start investing in stocks.

I've always wanted to enter the stock market and have my eye on a few companies in technology and the food industry that I'm vying to buy shares from. Last year was not the best for me money-wise (bought too many bags and clothes) but this year, I really want to invest in my and my family's future through stocks. 

7. Be more outward with my affection.

Expressing emotions has never been my strength. I'm just not showy enough like others but I feel like I'm disappointing people who appreciate me openly while I simply smile and try to not cringe when responding. I want to be more affectionate towards people I love. (I have no problem saying "I love you" to my family, but it's different with friends and other relatives.)

8. Buy less, live simpler.

2021 was the year of shopping for me. SO many purchases and for what? My closet tripled in size, my bag collection tripled as well, and there is just no more space for anything - unless I declutter. Admittedly, most of my purchases are collecting dust in my closet as I don't really know where to wear most of them due to the weather and pandemic restrictions. I'm just tired of having so much but not really knowing what to wear and what to do with all of them! Tama na! Quota na tayo.

So there we have it, our 2022 goals. 

If there's anything I learned from 2021, it's to be kinder to yourself and to others. It's okay to slow down, chill, and have hours of non-productivity. It's okay to Netflix for hours after a long work day. It's okay to take each day as it comes. Plan ahead, sure, but don't freak out when not everything happens how you want it to.

Be kind. Love more. Want less.